Video: Tiny 10 Cubic-Inch V12 runs 8,500 RPM

This teeny, tiny V12 from Austria displaces less than 10 cubic inches, but it roars like a big one. Check out the video and construction details here. 



Rudolf Wagner of the V12 Factory in Sattledt, Oberosterreich, Austria is the craftsman responsible for this exquisite miniature, a fully functional V12 engine that displaces slightly less than 10 cubic inches (162.86 cc, to be exact). The belt-driven, double-overhead-cam design employs a 24 mm bore, a 30 mm stroke, and pumps pure methanol fuel through its dinky two-valve heads. No output figures are quoted but maximum speed is reportedly 8,500 rpm.



If you like what you see here, Wagner can build a duplicate V12 just for you. Available options include a ¬†complete kit with all the necessary parts (as pictured above) for $7498 and a completed running model with test stand for around $14,067. Other products from the V12 Factory include miniature electric guitars and V8 and W9 engines, which can be installed in the company’s matching scale-model hot rods and pulling tractors.

As you know by now, here at Mac’s Motor City Garage, one thing we enjoy about working miniature engines is their sound. In that regard, Wagner’s V12 does not disappoint. It’s got quite a bark. Turn up the sound and check out the video below.


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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by these tiny engines. I’ve watched a series of videos on a V-12 diesel, a ten cylinder radial w/ variable pitch prop, and, just off this selection, a 32 cyl. Some people have got a lot of talent and some fantastic machining skills. Thanks for posting.

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