Video: road testing the 1946 Cadillac Interceptor prototype

1946 Cadillac InterceptorHere’s a treat: rare General Motors footage of the experimental Cadillac Interceptor going through its paces at the Milford Proving Grounds. Check it out. 


This little clip illustrates a common practice in the Motor City car biz even today. Competitive analysis, it is sometimes called. Here, four cars are filmed and compared in a naturalistic setting: a ’48 Cadillac Series 62 Sedan, a ’46-’47 Cadillac 62 Sedan, a ’48 Hudson Commodore, and surprise. The fourth car in the group is the near-mythical Cadillac Interceptor prototype, also known as the Cadillac C.O. Two Interceptor experimental mules were reportedly constructed in 1946-47, both of which were eventually destroyed once their testing careers were over.

The Interceptor concept, finless and bullet-shaped with hidden headlights, was eventually shelved in favor of the tail-finned design theme that became the production 1948 Cadillac. It’s fun to see the two models together here at what appears to be the General Motors Proving Grounds in Milford, MIchigan. Watch.


8 thoughts on “Video: road testing the 1946 Cadillac Interceptor prototype

  1. I don’t really like the way they sloped the front fenders on the Interceptor but the rest of it looks ace. The back reminds me a bit of a Jaguar saloon. And I think the 1948 Cadillac looks short and fat compared to the ’46-’47. The Commodore looks good as always, but never as good as a Caddy.

  2. The Interceptor is very strange looking to these eyes but that’s part of the fascination.

  3. Is there a date as to when this film was shot? I can understand GM having the Cadillac running ’48 prototype easily enough but where did they source a ’48 Hudson if the assumption is that this film was for decision making as to what would be the production ’48 Cadillac? Wouldn’t this have had to have been shot in ’45-46 for that decision?
    Great piece of film. Thanks for introducing me to the Interceptor !

  4. Looks like G.M. and Cadillac were using the step down new Hudson as a comparison vehicle. Good choice since that Hudson was the best riding and most roomy car of that period. A friends father got one new in 48 and I was very impressed as a gear head 9 year old.

  5. interceptor short front end makes tail piece appear too long…additionally pillars and window dressing appear clumsy and over built….

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