Video: General Motors Body By Fisher–1950

Fisher wagonsSet the clock back to 1950 and join the Fisher Body division of General Motors for a quick history of the auto body industry. 



This film doesn’t require much in the way of setup. In 1950, General Motors was the largest automaker in the world, and Fisher Body was one of its largest divisions, supplying bodies and associated components to all the GM car and truck brands. Founded in Detroit in 1908, Fisher Body was fully absorbed into the corporation by 1926, and the Fisher brothers, six of them, played key roles in the automaker’s management and direction. Charles Fisher served as general manager at Cadillac, and a Fisher brother sat on GM’s board of directors until 1969.

Produced for Fisher Body in 1950 by the Jam Handy Organization and titled Quality Knows No Compromise, the film includes wonderful period footage of body manufacturing over the decades. And there are great closeup looks of the state of the art in body manufacturing in 1950, including the jig and welding setups. Finally, significant Fisher Body developments including the all-steel Turret Top, No Draft Ventilation, and Clear Vision construction are explained. All good stuff, please enjoy.


5 thoughts on “Video: General Motors Body By Fisher–1950

  1. Great stuff. This is way I keep coming back to this place.
    Does any body know the last year GM sold a car with a body by Fisher? I haven’t seen that little tag in at least 25 years.

  2. They made a big thing about slimmer stronger screen pillars. And excellent visibility. Unlike todays cars that have pillars so big you miss cars!
    That side glass seemed to be a laminated glass?

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