Saturday Morning CarTune: Ramrod

Bruce Springsteen and E StreetBruce Springsteen and the E Street Band tear up the house with an extended live version of “Ramrod.”   



As MCG has often noted, there may be no songs in rock and roll that are actually about cars. Really they’re about sex, and the cars serve as a thinly veiled metaphor (often, very thinly). In “Ramrod,” Springsteen’s lyric seems earnest enough at the start:


I’ve been working all week, I’m up to my neck in hock
Come Saturday night I let my ramrod rock
She’s a hot stepping hemi with a four on the floor
She’s a roadrunner engine in a ’32 Ford


But soon enough we learn that ramrod is not a noun, it’s a verb. And he’s inviting his girl to run out to the state line and elope—so we’ll go ramroddin’ forever more. 

This performance was recorded live in Barcelona in 2002, and features the Boss at his absolute hammiest, mugging and cutting up. When he and the E Street Band are having fun, the audience is in for a great time, too. Please press play.