Inside GM’s private engine collection

Gold-plated Cadillac 500 CID V8Here’s a companion piece to the recent MCG story on the GM Heritage Collection. In the first installment we featured a few of the cars. This time around we’ll focus strictly on some of the engines on display at the Heritage Center. 



The engines in the collection include racing engines, experimental, prototype, and developmental pieces, cutaways. and display versions of standard production powerplants. It’s a little bit of everything, really, and it’s all good. In the gallery below you’ll find:

+   An experimental twin-turbo 455 Oldsmobile V8

+   A rare example of the 1923 Copper-Cooled Chevrolet engine

+   A Buick nailhead V8 developmental engine with turbocharger and Carter sidedraft carbs

+   A Pratt & Whitney R-2800 Double Wasp from GM’s wartime production

+  A Cadillac LMP LeMans V8 with twin turbochargers

… and so much more. Mac’s Motor City Garage will be returning with more in-depth material on some of the more unusual engines in the collection. so be sure to stay tuned. You can consider this merely a teaser. Meanwhile, enjoy the gallery below. Click on any image to start a slide show.



5 thoughts on “Inside GM’s private engine collection

  1. I have a 396 big block chevy cut-a-way engine that i just found . Ground smooth & many chrome parts. Call me at 269-998-4840 any time if you want see it.

  2. We’re fortunate to have some of these GM engines. It was GM policy to destroy engines after testing, so many interesting engines are gone. Chrysler, on the other hand, sold their engines after testing. Setto Postonian’s pickup truck was often seen parked next to the dyno rooms as he picked up more hemi parts for his dragster.

  3. Someone needs to do a little work with the slide show so the captions match the photos.

  4. I just Whent to the heritage center & seen the engine display. Very neat but should be more info on ea engine. I have a 396 cutaway that I found. Did some research & found out my engine was in the 1965 Caprice that Whent to all the shows to introduce the new big block engine. Call me to get more info on it. @ 269-998-4840. Thanks Bob

  5. Thanks Cory! Give me the 455 twin turbo (we can put it in the Toronado GT and it will be a REAL GT!! And, I’ll take the Pratt & Whitney and we’ll put it in the Crossfire and see it light up! Thanks, Arrien.

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