Video: Volvo guy returns with a new ad

V60 Volvo adRemember Christoffer Castor, the Swedish art director who last month created the bizarre and hilarious video classified ad for his 1993 Volvo? He’s back with a brand new spot. Watch.¬†



Armored with a masculine chrome brooch. Floor bibs. Clicks and beeps. Sacred book including two free stickers. Engraved subtitles. From a roof on a car park comes a car with a voice on top of it. How is that even possible?

The folks at Volvo liked Christoffer Castor’s video commercial for his old 240 wagon so much, they asked the artist to work his magic on a current Volvo model, the V60 Sportswagon. The result is just as goofy and entertaining¬†as his original spot. Enjoy.



3 thoughts on “Video: Volvo guy returns with a new ad

  1. I thought it was amusing until he got to the seamless hepatitis and roof barrel. Then I laughed out loud. I watched the outtakes also. He’s very clever but I was relieved to see that he had to throw a few pitches before he hit the strike zone.

  2. Nothing like chuckling to your self at 7:15 AM–it is amazing how stating the obvious with flair can be so hilarious. Thanks Bill

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