Video: Selling the 1963 Studebaker Avanti

The 1963 Avanti was the last major introduction by Studebaker, but it was one of the most memorable in the company’s 114-year history. Here’s an original factory clip pitching the distinctive South Bend GT. 



At two minutes, this promotional spot is a shorter, more internet-friendly version of a lengthier (14 minutes) Studebaker film we shared a few yeas ago (you can review it here). “There is no car like the Avanti,” the Indiana automaker boasts here, pointing out the special features including standard Dunlop-Bendix disc brakes, the overhead driver console, and an optional Paxton supercharger for the 280 CID V8.

Of course, the Avanti’s most attention-getting feature was the radical styling created by the Raymond Loewy and Associates team of Tom Kellogg, Bob Andrews, and John Ebstein. The look has never been duplicated, although a series of continuation and successor cars were manufactured until 2007—a mighty long run for a specialty sports car. See where it all began here.


3 thoughts on “Video: Selling the 1963 Studebaker Avanti

  1. Had me all excited. Thought some one was really selling a Avanti. Interested if one is available.

  2. My wife always loved these cars. We finally bought a round headlight ’64 R2 a couple years ago. There are certain cars that have an indescribable magic and the Avanti is one.

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