Video: Selling the 1955 Dodge

With an all-new style and attitude, sales shot straight through the roof for Dodge in 1955. Here’s an entertaining television sales pitch for the Dodge with the Hundred Million Dollar Look.



Dodge came to market in 1955 with an all-new product built around the Forward Look, the bold styling theme developed by Chrysler’s chief of design, Virgil Exner. With its dramatic tail fins and sleek silhouette, the corporate theme was originally promoted as the Hundred Million Dollar Look.

However, there’s no mention of either phrase in this two-minute TV commercial pitch. Instead, the narrator goes straight to work selling the features of the new Dodge: the Powerflite automatic transmission, the muscle-bound Red Ram Hemi V8, the solid ker-thunk of the doors. And though they’re not mentioned here, popular options for ’55 also included a power steering and a striking three-tone paint scheme.

The 1955 model year was a strong one for all the Motor City automakers, but at Dodge, sales exploded in response to the new style and features. From around 155,000 units in 1954, sales shot up to nearly 277,000 vehicles, an increase of almost 79 percent. In another encouraging development, the top-of-the-line Custom Royal series led the lineup with more than 89,000 units. Watch this original 1955 Dodge commercial spot and see if you’re ready to jump on the bandwagon. Video below.


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