Video: Selling the 1932 Fords

1932 Ford B-68 Deluxe V8 CabrioletHere’s a sweet little period film promoting the exciting new Ford lineup for 1932. The Deuce never looked more sporty and elegant—have a look. 



As you’ve surely noticed, we’re major fans of the 1932 Ford here at Mac’s Motor City Garage. Previous features on Dearborn’s legendary Deuce include A Second Look at the 1932 Ford, a historical essay with a large photo gallery, and Little Deuce Coupes, a tight-focus piece on the four coupe body styles offered by Ford in 1932. And no, we’re not done yet.

This time around, we’re presenting a great little period film produced by L.C. Firestine, a prosperous Ford dealer of the time in the California East Bay area. Commercial television did not yet exist, obviously; this three-minute commercial was shown in movie theaters around Oakland and Berkley. Along with a solid pitch for the new Ford lineup for 1932, this spot also includes a giveaway promotion in which five new Fords were awarded to cinema patrons.

The ’32 Ford is hot rod royalty: Many of the sport’s most beautiful and noteworthy cars are based on the venerable Deuce platform. But in viewing this wonderful film-to-video, which includes all the popular body styles, once again we are reminded how sporty and elegant the ’32 looks in stock production form. Check out these lines.

5 thoughts on “Video: Selling the 1932 Fords

  1. Cool video. It’s weird to see people like our grandparents when they were young and what the world was like then. It’s also strange to see these cars in their original forms, as the “deuce coupe” was/is one of the most iconic hot rods of all time. My favorite “deuce coupe”? John Milner’s deuce coupe from American Graffiti. When John “uncapped” the headers, you knew he meant business. One of my favorite songs? “Little Deuce Coupe” by the Beach Boys. Thanks MCG.

  2. At about 2:23, a deuce appears with what seems to be full wheel covers. I’ve never seen that before. Wonder if it had wire wheels, or had they replaced them with after-market solid steel wheels. Anyone have any info on that?

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