Video: quarter-scale Peterbilt rules the road

PeterbuiltLuca Burdin of Venice, Italy is a big fan of American trucks—so big a fan that he builds these incredible working miniatures. Here’s the most awesome 18-wheeler you’ll see today. 


Bordin built his incredible quarter-scale Peterbilt in over 2,000 hours, but over the span of a mere nine months—clearly, a man on a mission. At 16 feet long and 3 feet tall, the complete rig tips the scales at just over 550 lbs., 400 lbs. for the tractor alone. The long-nose Peterbilt cab was crafted from wood, fiberglass, and steel tubing, with authentic details including California license plates.

The full suite of radio-controlled audio-visual effects include full-size truck horns powered by an on-board air compressor, and a fog machine that pumps simulated exhaust smoke through the twin stacks. Diesel sounds are supplied by a big-amp audio system and speaker array. However, the actual propulsion is supplied by a 36-volt, 750-watt electric motor. To learn more about the incredible miniature Peterbilt 359, visit the truck’s dedicated website.

Now watch this.


2 thoughts on “Video: quarter-scale Peterbilt rules the road

  1. That is pretty cool, I’m curious where the video was taken. Judging by the other big trucks, it must have been in Europe. The thing that amazed me, is how popular full sized American pickups are there. Apparently, Europe doesn’t have anything like that. And as a nit pick, it’s spelled, “Peterbilt”, not “Peterbuilt”, sorry, although, I could never really find out why. Thx, MGC.

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