Video: Presenting the Swincar E-Spider

Swincar tiltingFrom France, here’s a new kind of vehicle that offers an entirely different kind of off-roading experience. It’s called the Swincar E-Car, and its capabilities are astonishing.  Is this a brand new way to enjoy the outdoors? Watch this.  



Traditional off-roading, whether in a car or on a motorcycle, is an invasive, transgressive, almost violent act against nature. Indeed, that’s part of the attraction: loud engines, tearing tires, crashing and bounding over obstructions at exhilarating speeds. It’s total fun, to be sure. However, a company in France called Mecanroc has devised an equally enjoyable but totally different way to enjoy the outdoors in an off-road vehicle. They call their machine the Swincar E-Spider.

Driving an E-Spider appears to be more like cross-country hiking than handling a noisy, hairy off-road vehicle. Powered by a 1.0-kilowatt electric motor in each wheel, coupled to a choice of 2 KwH, 4 KwH, or 6 KwH battery packs offering up to four hours of operation (claimed), the vehicle is virtually silent. And with its crazy-legged four-wheel articulated suspension, the E-Spider can travel pretty much anywhere a billy goat can, or so it appears in the video.

If the concept proves out, the E-Spider offers a new way to enjoyed the outdoors, and for everyone. The elderly and disabled, even the normally wheelchair-bound, can venture off the pavement and explore the countryside, too. You can learn more about the E-Spider at the company’s website. In the meantime, enjoy the video.


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  1. NIce Article! no doubt in Spincar- E Spider capability. waiting for the availability in my country.

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