Video: Mother of all barn finds — the Lambrecht Chevrolet collection

Here’s a video glimpse of the Lambrecht collection, the Nebraska barn find—including more than 50 new, unregistered Chevrolet cars and trucks—that has the entire internet agog. 


Ray and Mildred Lambrecht operated their little ma-and-pa Chevrolet dealership in Pierce, Nebraska (population 1,767) along with their single employee, mechanic Roy, from just after World War II until 1996. When the dealership finally closed its doors, the Lambrechts had amassed a personal collection of over 500 vehicles—including over 50 brand new Chevrolets, never sold or registered and still bearing their manufacturer statements of origin.

We know we’ll be hearing a lot more about the Lambrecht collection in the coming weeks and months. The auction, scheduled for Septemember 28-29, 2013, will be conducted by VanDerBrink Auctions, LLC. (Sale particulars here.) Meanwhile, here’s a video from the auction company recording the dealership’s initial re-opening a few days ago as a few of the cars were rolled out into the daylight. Press play.

You can find a second story and video on the amazing Lambrecht collection here


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22 thoughts on “Video: Mother of all barn finds — the Lambrecht Chevrolet collection

  1. The stuff of dreams for many that want a real car, with real history, not replicated, but the real thing straight off the showroom floor.

  2. The 1958 Cameo Pickup is sweet!! so are the covair monzas lol. but the cameo pickup has a huge dent in the roof!!! looks like a tree fell on her at some point, might have left it to sit with one mile on the clock lol. very cool collection so far 🙂

  3. I thought it was a dent too but if you look again it’s a black rubber mat on the roof.

  4. Please send a sale bill…to: Brown, 14850 n. bethel, Platte City, Missouri 64079

  5. Sale bills and other info are available from the auction house at the link above. This website is not affiliated with the auction company. If you take some time to look around the website, we think you will enjoy it.

  6. I’m the guy that likes all the undesireable models. The ’77 Caprice, the ’70 Toyota wagon or even the late model Lincoln. I like the average everyday cars – not necessarily the “collectible” models. I don’t know how I would ever make it out there for the auction – even to help them during the auction would be a privilege. Who knows, maybe by the end of September, I will have found a way to get out there and these these wonderful cars.

  7. If anybody was to try and restore these cars they better ck 1st to see if they can get all the rubber parts. You know they are the first to go. Some models aren’t much of a problem, others no replacement parts available.

  8. What a shame dumbass people had more money than brains. Who in there right mind would leave BRAND NEW cars/trucks outside? I hope they dont bring any money at all, dumbas people, if you could afford to do that you damn sure could have afforded better “housing” for the vehicles….just my opinion looking at it from a different point of view. Everyone seems to think it is so great…I CALL BULLSHIT!!!….IT’S STUPIDITY!!

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