Video: More from the Lambrecht Chevrolet barn find collection

Here’s a second video from the amazing Lambrecht collection, the time-capsule Chevrolet dealership discovered in tiny Pierce, Nebraska. Watch this. 


As promised, VanDerBrink Auctions has produced a second video showing more cars to be sold off September 29-29, 2013 in Pierce, NE. A few of the wonders in this second batch:

+   A 1965 Impala Sport Coupe with a 396 big-block but otherwise option-free, with radio delete and only 12 miles on the odometer, untitled, still on manufacturer statement of origin.

+   Another 1965 Impala Sport Coupe with big-block V8 (above) with more info to come.

+   A 1958 Apache pickup with 5 miles showing, equipped with a six-cylinder engine that reportedly runs.

+   A 1960 Apache Stepside, badly oxidized paint due to outdoor storage, but only 2 miles on the odometer.

… And hundreds more cars of all makes, descriptions, and condition, along with new-old-stock General Motors parts and accessories and dealership fixtures and equipment. You can find more info at the VanDerBrink Auctions website. The upcoming Lambrecht auction is already far more than an old car sale; it’s shaping up as the collector car happening of the year. Video below.

You can find the first MCG story and video on the Lambrecht Chevrolet collection here

11 thoughts on “Video: More from the Lambrecht Chevrolet barn find collection

  1. I agree with Bill. This lady has no clue how to present an auction. I let the first video slide, assuming that it was only a preview and they were excited about their finds. She seems more concerned about promoting her company than the automobiles.

    I don’t care how many miles are on the odometer, when you have to repaint and rebuild the engine, it’s the same as buying a 60,000 mile car. We don’t see much of the interiors and they’re probably the hardest part to make new again. I’m wondering how the dash pads fared out in the sun for decades. Those are always tough to replace. The door panels are probably salvageable once you replaced any warped cardboard. The seats would likely be perfect on these “new cars”.

    It’s a shame that they put aside all of these treasures only to let them decay. Better to save a quarter as many and do it right. One thing that I do appreciate is that, because they were siphoning off unsold cars, there are many normal everyday vehilcles. Your average “classic car” show these days is a sea of Camaros, Mustangs and Chargers. If it’s not a muscle car, it’s a convertible. Sure, those are the cars that people tend to hold onto and treasure, but it makes for a dull show. I wanna see the occasional Country Squire with faux wood paneling and a jump seat in the back. That’s what the Sixties really looked like.

  2. People are captured by the romance of the story, not the reality. The fantasy is a brand new 1958 or 1965 Chevy with 2 miles on the odometer, and that you can just take the plastic off the seat and drive away. That’s nowhere close to true, of course, but people don’t care. The story generates tremendous interest.

  3. God I would love to see more about the vega I would love to buy it I love all cars right from the factory just the way they rolled of thr assembly line!!

  4. If you look at the one part of the video, she is using a cell phone to tape all this. I agree that the cars with no miles and have been left outside to weather the interior and rust out floor pans, etc. makes the outdoor cars with no miles a waste!

  5. The sale will probably be a wild success despite the absolutely TERRIBLE promo videos. Unfortunately, if the sale is a success she’ll probably think she’s a pro…

  6. i really wish yall had a person doing these videos that would pause and give a little better description this is a once in a lifetime thing and should be handeled the absolute best it can be plus potential buyers deserve your best also please do better in showing these to the world

  7. Complaining that a majority of the “new” cars sat outside and are no different than a high-mileage one is nonsense. The body panels are just as they left the factory, there won’t be any weird modifications or repairs, the bumpers are perfect, the drivetrain parts like the axles aren’t worn like high mileage cars, etc. They are great vehicles to document details on how they left the factory.

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