Video: Kenny Brack manhandling a Ford GT40

In an impressive display of car control, watch Kenny Brack’s in-car video as he wrestles a vintage Ford GT40 around the track at the 2013 Goodwood Revival.


MCG had the honor of watching and covering Kenny Brack in his too-short American open-wheel career. We say too short because it effectively ended with his frightening, death-defying crash at Texas Motor Speedway in 2003. In his brief time here, fans instantly caught on to his generous and funny personality, but many never got to see how skilled he was behind the wheel of a race car. Or how fearless.

With that in mind we post this in-car video from the 2013 Goodwood Revival. Here Kenny is hustling Adrian Newey’s vintage Ford GT40 around a wet and troublesome track in traffic. Watch this.


5 thoughts on “Video: Kenny Brack manhandling a Ford GT40

  1. Holy cow! Much as I’d like to drive a vintage GT40, I wouldn’t want to drive that one on that day. I presume that in actual competition with a full garage crew that they could be made to handle better on a wet track. They must be a handful on a dry track as well. I’m not sure that Kenny enjoyed his time behind the wheel on that day.

    • thats how they drove… late 60’s early 70’s you had to be a real driver. no traction control, not anti lock brakes. You had the skills or not…

  2. Brack having fun overdriving, deliberately throwing the car and catching it Not many drivers display that much confidence in a Ford GT in the rain. How does he fit them thru the door of the car?

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