Video: Introducing the 1948 Oldsmobiles

At GM’s Oldsmobile division for 1948, there were actually two separate and distinct car lines: Dynamic and Futuramic. This original color film short breaks them down. 



For 1948, there were actually two completely different car lines from Oldsmobile. The previous 60 and 70 series models were continued with only minor trim and mechanical changes but with a new name, Dynamic. One month later a second model line was introduced, the Futuramic Series, featuring an all-new chassis and sheet metal. Oldsmobile’s first all-new postwar car, the Futuramic (along with the ’48 Cadillac junior models) was an early rollout of the completely redesigned General Motors lineup that was introduced in 1949.

This 1948 Oldsmobile film short (actually a segment of a longer GM film) makes a special point of differentiating the Dynamic and Futuramic models. There’s a prominent new slogan, too: “The car of tomorrow, today.” Despite the complications, the ’48 model year was a solid one for Oldsmobile with more than 177,000 cars produced, good for the number seven slot in domestic sales for a third year in a row. Video follows.


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  1. I wonder what Cadillac calls the styling?
    GM Art and Color calls this new styling ” Flow Through Fender Styling” meaning the front fender high line continues down the sides of the car and flows over the rear pontoon fender.

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