Video: History of the Jaguar XJ Series, 1968-1992

In 1968, Jaguar introduced one of the most beautiful and capable sedans of its time, the XJ Series. Here’s a brief but excellent video history. 



Launched in 1968, the Jaguar XJ Series continued the British automaker’s reputation for luxurious, sure-footed sedans that delivered both performance and style. The XJ was the carmaker’s volume leader in those days: More than 300,000 were produced through 1992 in three series, all powered by the company’s legendary XK twin-cam six (in various displacements) or the velvety 5.3-liter V12. Some were badged as Daimlers, and there was even a two-door pillarless coupe version of the XJ, the XJ-C. Breathtakingly beautiful but difficult and costly to manufacture, barely 10,000 of the coupes were produced between 1975 and 1978.



While the XJ name lives on to this day at Jaguar, which has been owned by India’s Tata Group since 2008, this short video history is concentrated on the first three series produced between 1968 and 1992. Excerpted from a much longer Jaguar television history, this piece is just the right length for today’s busy web surfers: a little more than two minutes. Still, there’s a pleasing amount of substance jammed into the short timeframe. Enjoy the video.


6 thoughts on “Video: History of the Jaguar XJ Series, 1968-1992

  1. Decent chassis, attractive looks,,,, the Lucas electrics. the oil leaks and rear brake jobs!
    A few left these days that are not rusty. And many of those have the Chevrolet option!

  2. They were wonderful cars but a bit throroughbred for American owners, who tended to drive them into the ground. They needed love and attention. I loved mine, would have another in a moment.

  3. Wonderful cars but high maintenance compared to contemporary American sedans and with everyone driving Japanese today, they’d find it intolerable. I’ll take a V12 four-door, something with sleek bumpers.

  4. ….And I still love my very rare Daimler Double Six Vanden Plas! Lovely to own and still very pretty to admire. For a 43 year old car, it’s amazing.

  5. Had a series 2 XJ12 for fifteen years and did 700,000 klms. It was fitted with a Chev 350 and with turbo 400 and just kept on keeping on. My love is now XJ40’s.

  6. I have driven jags since 1983 and owned 7. Currently have a fully restored XJ12 Sovereign and an XKR Convertible. Both completely different and amazing to drive. Wouldnt drive anything else.

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