Video: Four Turbos, 16 Cylinders, 12.3 Liters, 5,000+ Horsepower

Michigan’s own Steve Morris has created a truly world-class supercar engine in the Devel Sixteen, which produces more than 5,000 road-ready horsepower. Here’s more, including a run on the engine dyno. 



We first met Steve Morris back in 2006, when MCG did a Hot Rod magazine feature on the Muskegon, Michigan engine builder’s calling card at the time: a big-block Chevy with a simple but elegant blow-through supercharger setup that delivered nearly 2,000 hp on ordinary pump fuel. Since then, Steve Morris Engines has become one of the top engine suppliers in the extreme-performance world. Take this piece, for example: a scratch-built V16 for a client in Dubai that produces more than 5,000 hp.

While the Devel Sixteen’s architecture is loosely based on the Chevrolet LS pushrod V8, it’s no cut-and-paste job. The block is a one-piece billet with a 45-degree bank angle, while the 32-lobe camshaft and the 48-inch long crankshaft are custom-machined pieces as well. Four 81mm turbos deliver up to 36 lbs of boost through a water-air charge cooler and a custom-built intake manifold and EFI system. Displacement is 12.3 liters, or approximately 750 cubic inches. More than 1,050 lb-ft of torque is available by 3,000 rpm, and peak output is 5,000+ hp at 7,000 rpm.

The application for such outrageous horsepower? An equally outrageous, no-holds barred sports car currently in development, also called the Devel Sixteen. Meanwhile, see and hear the mighty V16 on the engine dyno in the video below.


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  1. Makes the VW engine look underpowered!
    Though where do you find a transmission to hold the power?

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