Video: Engineering the 1984 C4 Corvette

1984 Corvette coupeSee the latest in automotive technology for 1984 on display in this detailed engineering review of the C4 Corvette. 



It may seem a bit dated today, but when the fourth-generation 1984 Corvette was introduced, it was the Motor City’s state of the art. Materials were advanced and exotic: forged aluminum suspension members on all four corners, carbon fiber leaf springs, a uniframe chassis and passenger cage formed from special high-strength steels. Cutting-edge hardware included aluminum Girlock disc brakes and unidirectional wheel and tire assemblies with custom-designed Goodyear VR50 tires.

However, not all the C4 Corvette’s features were ready for prime time at introduction: the Cross-Fire throttle-body fuel-injection system, the sci-fi digital instrument display, the 4+3 manual/overdrive transmission. But all these issues were soon overcome, and over its 13-year production life the C4 evolved into a world-class sports car—and a genuine bargain on the used performance car market today. And thanks to low prices and relatively high production volume, the C4 has also formed the basis for countless street rods and homebrew sports cars.

In this original GM promotional film, we get a detailed look at the advanced 1980s engineering that went into the C4 Corvette—everything that General Motors could muster. Enjoy the video.


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  1. I love my 86, but the digital dash is a pos. Other than the dash, it’s a wonderful car. Gas mileage is great due to the tuned port fuel injection and the overdrive automatic transmission, yet it will still exceed the interstate speed limit by nearly twice. At 30 years old, it still drives and rides great. The then state of the art plastics inside seem dated now, and have their share of squeeks and rattles, but hey, it’s a performance car, not a slushy luxury sedan.

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