Video: Autobiography of a Jeep 1943

This short film tells one of the great stories of the American auto industry: the development of the heroic Jeep, the unstoppable vehicle that helped to win World War II. 



When this film was produced back in 1943, no one could foresee that Jeep would one day become one of the most valuable brand names in automotive history. At the time, there was simply a war to win. And this movie—a propaganda film, if you will—was made to promote the Jeep’s key role in America’s mighty and unprecedented war machine.

Produced by United Films for the U.S. Office of War Information, The Autobiography of a Jeep is narrated from a hokey but ultimately effective point of view: by a Jeep itself. There are great scenes of the Jeep being tested on the trials courses and in combat settings, including air cavalry and mobile light artillery. Next, we see Jeeps coming to life on the production lines at the Willys-Overland plant in Toledo, Ohio. It’s a great story, well told. Please enjoy.



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  1. As my Jeep freak mate would say,,,, Jeep Jeep Jeep Jeep!
    And he does own an army, only had it about 48 years!

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