Video: Ab Jenkins Faster Farther Safer

JenkinsJoin Ab Jenkins on one of his early record runs, averaging more than 127 mph for 24 hours in his Pierce-Arrow V12 at Bonneville. Beautiful vintage film footage—enjoy. 



What a great old film clip we have here. Produced by Pennzoil, the footage documents the 24-hour speed and distance record established by famed Bonneville racer Ab Jenkins and his production-based Pierce-Arrow V12. On August 17, 1934, Jenkins completed 3,053 miles on the salt at an average speed of 127.208 mph—faster and farther than any automobile had traveled before, hence the film’s name. Jenkins, a teetotalling, non-smoking Mormon who later served as mayor of Salt Lake City, drove the entire 24 hours solo, stopping only for fuel and service.

But first, the film treats us to a wonderful “first, the earth cooled” backgrounder on the history of transportation, followed by a thrilling run by Jenkins on his record-setting Allis-Chalmers farm tractor, topping 65 mph on a two-lane highway. Yikes. Thanks to Pennzoil for producing this film way back in the day, and to the Prelinger Archives of San Francisco for preserving and sharing it. Enjoy the movie.


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