Video: 1969 London Motor Show

Live and in bright, bold color from Earl’s Court in London, here are all the latest concept and production cars from Great Britain for 1969. 



Here’s another great auto show report from British Pathé, this one on the 1969 British International Motor Show from the Earl’s Court Exhibition Centre in London. (The historic venue was demolished in 2015, alas.) We enjoy featuring these old newsreel tours of the classic auto shows. It’s hard to imagine a more entertaining and historically authentic way to check out the cars of the period. A few of the noteworthy vehicles in this report:

 The British Leyland/Austin Zanda concept, a rather advanced design for the British carmaker. The display includes an early look at Computer Aided Design.

 Bristol’s 411 coupe, a luxury GT of 1969-1976 that boasted a Chrysler big-block B-series V8. Here the spotlight is on the novel method of stowing the spare tire. Not quite 300 examples were made in five production series

  The Triumph TR6 (1968-1976), which featured a gorgeous design by Michelotti with restyling by Karman combined with the rugged 2.5-liter Triumph inline six. Extremely popular in the USA, as 90 percent of the production was exported to the States.

And there’s lots more if you keep an eye peeled. Video below.


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