Video: 1957 New York Auto Show

This just in! Bringing you the very latest news of the auto industry, Mac’s Motor City Garage presents this late-breaking newsreel footage from the 1957 New York Auto Show. 


In this short (under two minutes) news clip, famed broadcast announcer and MCG correspondent Ed Herlihy reports from the 1957 Gotham motor show. Tail fins continue to be the hot styling trend,  he notes, but it remains to be seen if the latest DeSoto innovation, life-sized hood ornaments (above), will find favor among today’s value-savvy consumers.

Watch for cameo appearances by GM boss Harlow Curtice and Henry Ford II, and a small speaking part (including a gloriously erroneous prediction) by Chrysler’s L.L. “Tex” Colbert. There’s also a brief but really neat demo of the 1957 Skyliner, Ford’s all-new, all-metal retractable hardtop. It’s all great fun, check it out.


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