The Jaguar XK120 Story

Jagaur XK120 BelgiumFrom the original Jaguar of Coventry, here’s an excellent short film history of the XK120. As a bonus, the video includes some great material on the XK140 and XK150, too. Fine stuff for Jaguar experts and beginners alike, enjoy. 



Introduced at the 1948 London Motor Show at Earls Court, the Jaguar XK120 set the sports car world on its collective ear. Named for its top speed—an audacious, unheard-of 120 mph—the XK was the fastest and most beautiful machine of the age. And it laid the groundwork for the fabulous XKE of 1961, one of the classic sports cars of all time.

Though nicely brief for internet viewing, this video includes all the beloved touchstones of Jaguar XK120 lore: the famed top-speed runs near Jabbeke, Belgium in May of 1949; the early victories at Silverstone and in the Alpine Rally; and the 1952 endurance trial at  Montlhéry, France, where an XK120 coupe averaged 100 mph for seven days and nights. From this angle, the film will be equally fascinating and useful to Jaguar experts and beginners alike. There’s also some background on the XK120’s successors, the XK140 of 1954 with rack-and-pinion steering and a roomier cockpit, and the 1957 XK150 with disc brakes and up to 210 hp. This is a superb introduction to the Jaguar XK series. Enjoy the video.


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  1. When I was a kid I didn’t care much for the XK series. The E-type came out in the early 60s and it appealed to me almost immediately. However, as time went on the XK came back and if I had a choice it would be the XK. A member of our local car club was restoring a 140 when the dementia set in, forcing (robbing?) him to quit. His entire collection was liquidated and I wonder what actually happened to it.

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