Saturday Morning CarTune: There Auto Be a Law

Auto LawThis morning’s CarTune is a Warner Brothers classic, There Auto Be a Law, an animated send-up of man and the automobile in 1953. If you were raised on Looney Tunes on Saturday mornings, this clip is for you—enjoy. 



Among many vintage animation fans, the Warner Brothers’ Loony Tunes cartoons are considered the gold standard. This one, There Auto Be a Law, was released in 1953 in Technicolor and features the incomparable Mel Blanc performing the voice characterizations, accompanied by Bea Benaderet and Stan Freberg.

There Auto Be a Law adheres to the standard Warner Brothers cartoon formula in most ways, including the familiar blackouts and sight gags that make up the cartoon’s entire story line. Some of the jokes are outright groaners, but it’s all part of the fun. Here’s a colorful little snapshot of what Americans thought of their automobiles in 1953. Please enjoy.