Saturday Morning CarTune: Tex Avery’s Car of Tomorrow

Tex Avery Car of TomorrowIn this 1951 animated short, cartoon genius Tex Avery offers his zany predictions for the cars of the future. 



As you know, we love vintage auto-show newsreels here at Mac’s Motor City Garage, and we feature them on a regular basis. (View this choice example on the 1957 New York Auto Show, or this one on the 1954 GM Motorama.)  This classic MGM cartoon short by animation wizard Tex Avery is essentially a comic send-up of the familiar auto show theme.

The customary sight gags and blackout jokes strung together to create Car of Tomorrow range in quality from groan-inducing to brilliant, with one or two that are offensive by modern standards, and one or two that are truly inspired—Bruce McCall caliber. At any rate, it’s all great fun. Please enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning CarTune: Tex Avery’s Car of Tomorrow

  1. Probably where Seth MacFarlane and Matt Groening got their ideas from. Hope the women folk don’t take it too seriously.

  2. “Priced at only $545, of course with accessories it’s quite a bit higher” I think they still use this tactic!

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