Saturday Morning CarTune: Ride ‘Em On Down by the Rolling Stones

1968-mustang-streetThe Rolling Stones have a brand new single that’s true to the blues. And the video stars Kristen Stewart and and a very tasty ’68 Mustang fastback, so we’re in. Watch this. 



With more than 80 album releases and a half-century of performing under their belts, the Rolling Stones have been waved away and written off more times than anyone can count. No matter. Jagger, Richards,.and crew always come roaring back into the scene, as with their latest album, a collection of authentic blues covers called Blue & Lonesome. 

After hearing the first single to be released, a cover of Eddie Taylor’s classic 1955 song, Ride ‘Em On Down,” we’re thumbs up on the project, the first studio effort by the ‘Stones in 10 years. The video features a sexy performance by Kristen Stewart, but we admit that what caught our eye is the awesome Mustang Pro Touring she wheels through the familiar Los Angeles scenery. We don’t know much about the car (yet) but we predict the blue Mustang fastback on Torq Thrust wheels will become a star in its own right. Enjoy the video.


9 thoughts on “Saturday Morning CarTune: Ride ‘Em On Down by the Rolling Stones

  1. It is a great car and she will never drive mine now that I’ve seen the way she drives..

  2. Love the car, the gal, well, she needs a few improvements. Songs not to bad, either. Don’t sound much like the Stones style though. Maybe they’ve had to slow down now since they’re , what, close to 90 years old, or does it just seem that way?

  3. Great to see the Rolling Stones paying their respects. It’s time to start thinking about what kind of world we’re leaving for Keith Richards.

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