Saturday Morning CarTune: Pete Hothead in Four Wheels No Brakes

Here’s an obscure but delightful cartoon for your Saturday morning viewing pleasure: From circa 1955, Four Wheels No Brakes starring Pete Hothead. Grab a bowl of cereal and join us. 



United Productions of America, more commonly known as UPA, might be one of the lesser-known outfits from the golden age of cartoons. Still, according to animation experts, the company was highly influential, pioneering a modern, minimalist style that was widely copied. The studio’s most famous character was no doubt Mr. Magoo, the comically shortsighted little man voiced by the inimitable Jim Backus.

This cartoon from 1955 stars another, more obscure leading man, Pete Hothead, who was reportedly based on the studio’s real-life director, Pete Burness. And as the name suggests, the cartoon Pete was more than a little headstrong and impetuous, generating endless comedy opportunities.

Pete appeared in only two UPA cartoons, apparently, but fortunately for us, one of them boasts an automotive theme. In Four Wheels No Brakes, Pete struggles to keep his old car on the road. But when he replaces the aged heap with a brand new model (a Widgeon 7) life only gets worse. Enjoy the cartoon.


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