Saturday Morning CarTune: Hard on Equipment by Corb Lund

Here’s a musical tribute to that guy we all know: the poor soul who can’t change a spark plug or drive a nail: “Hard on Equipment” by Corb Lund and the Hurtin’ Albertans.¬†



Yep, we all know this guy well, bless his heart:

Well it’s vise grips for pliers, and pliers for a wrench
A wrench for a hammer, hammers everything else
It just don’t seem to make much difference
I sure do like him but he’s hard on equipment

Corb Lund is a singer-songwriter from Western Canada with a fresh, sharp country sound, a dry wit, and a working man’s take on the world. This tune, “Hard On Equipment,” comes from the 2007 album, Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!, by Lund and his band, the Hurtin’ Albertans. Please enjoy the video.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Morning CarTune: Hard on Equipment by Corb Lund

  1. This is great! Never heard of this performer. I spent the morning watching Corb Lund videos. He’s great.

  2. Corb is pretty good. He’s from a small town about 50 miles north of the Montana/Alberta border. He’s been going for a while now; performs at a lot of venues; has opened for some bigger stars. He’s quite popular in the Chinook Belt, which is just about everything on the prairies east of the Rockies.

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