Recap: 2012 CEMA Charity Car Show at the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

Here’s a wrap-up of this year’s great CEMA show with additional photos, a listing of all the award winners, and more. 

First, a big thank you to Marc Rozman of CEMA for supplying the info and the group of photos displayed here. Marc is one of Detroit’s premier car guys and a tremendous asset to the enthusiast community.

The 2012 award winners:

CEMA / WPC Museum Award Best of Show: T. Trassati, 1954 Kaiser Darrin

Best Paint: B. Ford, 1936 Plymouth Sedan

Best American Two Seat Sports Car, two awards: J. Bommarito, 1966 ERA Cobra; A. Kelley, 1999 Corvette Convertible

Best Viper, three awards: J. Gray, 2008 Viper SRT10 Coupe; J. Begian, 2008 Dodge Viper; T. Bosserman, 2010 Dodge Viper Coupe

Best Muscle Car 1962-1969, two awards: A. Clemens, 1969 Dodge Coronet R/T Convertible; D. Sniesak, 1969 Plymouth Road Runner

Best Muscle Car 1970-1974, two awards: E. LaButte, 1970 Dodge Challenger Convertible; J. Unis, 1971 Plymouth Hemi Cuda Convertible

Best Hot Rod, Modern or Vintage, two awards: B. Ford, 1936 Plymouth Sedan; T. Whedon, 1934 Dodge Cabriolet

Best Modified, Restified, or Custom, two awards: E. Micol, 1939 Packard Convertible; B.  Oddonetto, 1966 Volkswagen Bus

Best Original Non-Muscle, two awards: F.Browning, 1932 Chrysler; R. Dotten, 1910 Maxwell

Best Modern Muscle, two awards: B. Woodward, 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8; R.Hayward, 2010 Dodge Challenger

Best Truck/Jeep: J. Foss, 1979 Dodge Little Red Truck

Best Imported Sports Car: P.Devingt, 1970 Citroen SM

We’re sorry we don’t have photos of each one of the individual award winners, an oversight we’ll be sure to remedy in the future. However, many of them are included among the great images Marc caught at the show (and in the previous Motor City Garage coverage here).  Please check out the gallery of Marc’s photos below — click to enlarge: