Greenfield Village Old Car Festival 2016

1907-ford-model-kOne of America’s oldest and grandest vintage car events, the annual Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan is a must-see for gearheads. Here’s our report on this year’s show. 



As we say every year at around this time, the annual Old Car Festival at Greenfield Village in Dearborn, Michigan is one of our favorite collector car events. With its old-time boulevards and buildings, Henry Ford’s historical theme park (est. 1929) provides a wonderful setting for a vintage car event. It truly is like walking straight into the past.

To add to the Early American atmosphere, many of the volunteers, employees, and exhibitors are dressed in period costume, while antique bicycles, buses, and taxis carry visitors through the streets of the village and all around the event. For five dollars, you can even take a tour of the show in one of the Village’s fleet of authentic Model T Fords. What could be better?

What makes this show special is its cutoff date: Only vehicles manufactured on or before 1932 are allowed. In a collector car scene currently dominated by Mustangs and muscle cars, this gives the Old Car Festival a unique flavor, allowing visitors the opportunity to see vehicles they may not discover anywhere else.

Naturally, the annual Old Car Festival is just one event on the year-long calendar of the Henry Ford and Greenfield Village. To learn more about all the entertaining and educational activities, including the Old Car Festival, visit The Henry Ford website. In the meantime, check out this big gallery of exceptional vehicles from this year’s show. Click on any image to start a slide show.



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  1. We really enjoy it. Especially when they tour the Village with their lights on. We were able to watch them light some of the acetylene lights on the earlier cars this year. We go every year. That & the Motor Muster are My favorites. We have a car for the muster & currently looking for one for Old Car Festival. Enjoyable weekends!

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