Great Model T Ford website—check it out!

Hungry for more lore about the car that put America on wheels? Here’s a top-notch web resource for all things Model T Ford. 


Mitch Taylor isn’t an old guy, he’s a young guy. And he isn’t American, he’s Australian. But maybe these are the sort of fresh and energetic perspectives required to put together this killer Model T Ford website. Check it out for yourself at

Readers at Mac’s Motor City Garage have already met Mitch: He was the sharp and engaging narrator-instructor in the recent Model T start-and-drive video posted here. The website is more of the same great stuff.

MCG’s favorite features include an animated, interactive Model T planetary drive simulator, downloadable (pdf) technical manuals, and even a selection of vintage Ford music, including the ineffable “Henry’s Made a Lady out of Lizzie.” But really, you’ll want to explore the entire site. Bookmark it today.