Five top stories in 2013 at Mac’s Motor City Garage

Here are five of the most popular stories at Mac’s Motor City Garage this year. Are any of your favorites here? We seek your guidance for 2014. 


Selecting feature stories for this website is an imperfect science, and so is measuring the response. These five stories were among the very most popular at Mac’s Motor City Garage this year, or so the data would seem to indicate.

However, stats are stats. We want to know what you think. You folks are the best and brightest, the sharpest car people in the car biz. Are these among your favorite stories in 2013? Or do you have your own? And what would you like to see in 2014? Please weigh in.


The Lambrecht Chevrolet dealership collection was easily the top story in the collector car world in 2013, and it drew huge audience numbers here at the Garage as well. As more videos of the collection were released, MCG ran two followup stories here and here, and once the auction was in the books, we ran a final recap with results here. After all the hype surrounding the event, we wonder how the Nebraska hoard of strangely new/old Chevrolets will be remembered.


The Detroit Autorama is one of the top hot rod shows around, but oddly, it hasn’t drawn the Internet reportage among the big media outlets that you might expect. Mac’s was glad to step into that void with major coverage of the show from all angles, including the Great 8 and the Ridler Award. Our instincts were apparently correct. The photo feature on the 2013 Ridler winner, Ron Cizek’s stunning  ’40 Ford, drew a large audience, and—this is interesting—continued to draw strong interest throughout the year. We’ll be back to the Autorama in 2014.


Henry Ford’s Airport is our kind of story at Mac’s Motor City Garage. Automotive history around the Motor City: That’s our beat. So it was gratifying to see a strong audience for this piece, as well as for similar stories including Henry Ford’s Railroad and Henry Ford’s Square House, and a number of non-Ford themes, too. We enjoy researching these historical stories and you seem to enjoy reading them. It’s all good.


After beating our readers over the head all year with ghastly images of the Detroit Packard complex in ruins, it was a pleasure to show the plant in its finest hour with The Packard Merlin story. Then we followed up with a similar newsreel featuring the Willow Run Ford plant. If the interest holds up, we’ll continue to spotlight the Motor City’s effort in World War II.


Here at Mac’s, one of our specialties is exploring the quirky corners of automotive history. Like we did with this piece, The Lost Marques of General Motors. Judging from the response, you readers love the oddball stuff, too. If you want to see more, let us know. And if you have any ideas or suggestions for future stories, we’re all ears.


6 thoughts on “Five top stories in 2013 at Mac’s Motor City Garage

  1. I enjoy all the stories here, when ever I get a new post on my email, it’s like a special treat. The two most intense ,for me, was the Lambrecht auction, which I think will go down in history as the most ludicrous story in collector car history( that I know of). So much has been said about it, pro & con, I’m not going to start it again.
    The other story that blew me away, was the Packard Merlin story. Just shows what we can do if we have to. Thanks again, and I wish everyone , a safe and healthy New Year.

  2. Enjoyed the Packard Merlin piece very much. Please continue with WWII articles, and 50’s era stories, but I enjoy almost all of your articles anyway !

  3. Great job! I spent hours going over all the posts when I found the site from the HAMB. Really like the old films, they show what determination and willpower will accomplish. Keep it up, I’ll be a fan for years!

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