Classic British Motorcycles at EyesOn Design 2017

The annual EyesOn Design Exhibition always features a motorcycle category, and this year the organizers outdid themselves with a stunning display of classic British bikes. Here’s a quick review. 



Here at Mac’s Motor City Garage, we’re not experts on vintage British motorcycles by any means, but we know what we like. This year’s EyesOn Design Automotive Design Exhibition (every Father’s Day at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House in suburban Detroit) featured an especially brilliant assortment of the breed. From where we stood, it was the finest group of British bikes we’ve ever seen outside a dedicated motorcycle show. From the dozens of machines on display, here are 10 representative examples.


1973 Norton Production Racer Replica Walt Branham 


1928 Douglas DT5-SW5 Michael Simcoe


1966 BSA Spitfire A65S Dave Smith


1954 BSA Alloy Clipper Walt Branham 


1963 Triumph TR6R Graham Cousens


1973 Triumph Hurricane X-75 Frank Powelson 


1970 Royal Enfield Interceptor Matt Shelosky 


1956 Matchless G80CS Karl Kotevich


1969 Triumph Bonneville 650 John Coe


1951 VIncent Black Shadow Jerry Romano 


4 thoughts on “Classic British Motorcycles at EyesOn Design 2017

  1. Whoa-ho, I’m impressed. All those “Limey’s” and not one drip pan. ( thank you modern gasket sealant) Motorcycles take on a country’s characteristics much more than cars. All bikes are as different as the country they came from. Depends what kind of riding one does. I like British bikes, but after consideration of one, I settled for the Honda GoldWing. Just a better cruiser for long riding ( they don’t call it “Interstate” for nothing) Now, if I lived in the Catskills, where there are no straight stretches of road, the British bike would be much better. Handling on a British bike is 2nd to none. I guess, being a huge fan of the Trident ( and BSA Rocket 3), of the bikes shown, I’d probably go with the Hurricane ( although, you took a pic of the wrong side, with it’s corny signature 3 into 1 header), otherwise, you can’t go wrong with a tried and true “Bonne” 650. For sheer bada$$, got to be the RE Interceptor! Thanks, MCG.

  2. A nice collection of bikes,,, but most will be leaking! Brit bikes always had the style but not the reliability or smoothness required in the 70s on.
    The Trumpy behind the 69 Bonneville deserved a photo with those unusual upswept pipes.
    Most of these bikes I know from mates of mine or my fathers with them in the day, the later Enfield being the exception. A friend has recently bought a 54 Vincent, a lot of money these days

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