2013 Detroit Autorama: Pirelli Great 8

The Pirelli Great 8 finalists were selected today at the 2013 Detroit Autorama. On Sunday evening, one of these vehicles will win the prestigious Ridler Award. Click through to see the eight finalists. 


This year’s crop of Great 8 finalists is an impressively diverse group: six cars, two pickup trucks; also, four V8 hot rod-era Fords; a Corvette, and a ’56 Buick Special, of all things. One feature they have in common: All eight vehicles are built to an astonishing level of fit and finish. Which one will win on Sunday? Stay tuned.

Click here for a big gallery featuring the rest of the cars on display on the Autorama main floor.



Ron and Deb Cizek 1940 Ford Coupe Checkered Past 


Mark Willman 1956 Buick Special 


Ken Seresen 1934 Ford Tudor Sedan 


John Mayer 1935 Ford Phaeton Fearless 


Buddy Schulz 1972 Chevrolet Pickup Reaper


Alan Woodall 1965 Corvette Coupe C2/SS


Christian Harker 1934 Ford Archetype


Alan Beers 1956 Chevrolet Pickup Quicksilver 


15 thoughts on “2013 Detroit Autorama: Pirelli Great 8

  1. I cant imagine anything beating the 40 Ford. The overall build is beyond belief.

  2. that 34 by Christian Harker named “Ford Archetype” is hideous. almost makes me embarrassed that I own a 34 Ford.

  3. The ’40 Ford (Charley Hutton) and the Buick (Troy Trepanier built) must be considered the two favorites. To be perfectly honest, I did not pick the Archetype ’34 to make the Great 8.

  4. As usual all the cars in the “Great 8” are beautiful. My top 2 picks are the 35 Ford “Fearless” and the 34 Ford “Archetype”. I would give the edge to the 34 Ford “Archetype”, as I think they did a better job of blending the grill in with the rest of the car.

  5. The 40′ Ford and the Cameo are It for me. My choice has to be for the 40′ though. Beautiful car Andy, very proud of you and the work you have done.

  6. That’s a tough pick. There are several that deserve it. I’m kind of partial to pickups so I love that 56, but I’m also a Buick fan and even though “nailed” was the name I was going to use for my Buick project, that Special is beautiful. Although that 40 Ford is awesome… Man, I’m glad I’m not a judge. Is tough to pick just one!

  7. What is the “Deals” with the BIG WHEELS ??
    Where They required to be in the Big Eight……

  8. Great show this year. I thought the ’56 Ford pick up should of been Great 8 instead of the the black Chevy pick up.

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