Video: the Formula One World Champions, 1950 to 1970

Stewart Hill Nurburgring 1966Here’s a great little F1 history lesson. This short film features all the world Drivers’ Champions from 1950 to 1970, from Giuseppe Farina to Jochen Rindt.



We don’t know much about this wonderful documentary, except that in the transition to digital form, somehow it got horribly misnamed. It’s not Formula One history 1947-1967, and it’s not made up of on-board footage. What this film fragment really is: a brief biographical introduction to all the F1 world diving┬áchampions of the postwar era, from 1950 and Giuseppe Farina up to 1970 and its posthumous champion, Jochen Rindt.

The sharp, succinct narration is provided by Stirling Moss and Jackie Stewart, and the period footage is really great, providing wonderful glimpses of the cars and circuits through the years. There are some really amazng scenes here. If the F1 experts in the Garage audience can provide more info about the film’s backstory, we’d be much obliged. Video below.

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  1. Badly cut at the end with Rindt. Pity. The ‘Ring footage of the Bear off the ground is a piece of footage never likely to happen these days

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