Video: The Final GM Motorama, 1961

1961 MotoramaBy 1961, the era of the fabulous Motorama auto shows was drawing to a close. This original General Motors promotional clip tells the Motorama story one last time. 



This three-minute clip is actually an excerpt from a much longer (11 minutes) General Motors film called A Touch of Magic. (You can view the complete version here.) The full movie is a long on production fluff and short on actual product material, so we’re presenting this shorter edit that cuts straight to the car stuff. You’re welcome.

Originally launched as the Autorama in 1949, by 1961 the GM Motorama had run its course. Television and the age of mass communication had diminished the need for a national traveling auto show. Meanwhile, the Motorama’s focus had shifted from fantastic show cars like the LeSabre and the Firebird turbines to actual production cars that could be purchased straight from the showroom floor. At the final Motorama shows in 1961, staged in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, GM presented its standard Chevrolet, Pontiac, Olds, and Cadillac models as the cars of our dreams. And that’s the theme here as well. Enjoy the video.