Video: The 1954 General Motors Motorama

1954 MotoramaWhen General Motors ruled the world: This short film presents the fabulous 1954 GM Motorama at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. 



There really are no modern parallels to the annual GM Motorama spectaculars of the American mid-century. As you’ve seen here in previous features at Mac’s Motor City Garage, the Motoramas were elaborate multimedia extravaganzas that used theater, music, even interpretive dance to present the corporation’s advanced products, from kitchens of tomorrow to the latest Cadillacs.

In this two-minute newsreel on the 1954 show, we see a number of Motorama dream cars that would soon become famous, including:

+   The Chevrolet Nomad, which showcased the division’s sports wagon concept on a two-seat Corvette chassis.

+   The Buick Wildcat II, a way-out sports roadster that still exists today at the Sloan Museum in Flint, Michigan.

+   The Cadillac El Camino, a close-coupled coupe that introduced GM customers to the El Camino name, later used on a series of Chevy passenger car-based pickups.

+   Finally, the turbine-powered GM Firebird I, which even six decades later looks more like a jet fighter than an automobile.

See these wonders and more in the video below.


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