Video: Testing the 1970 Ford GT70

Ford GT70Presenting a little-known story in Ford racing history, in the USA anyway: the 1970 Ford GT70. Here’s an excellent little factory film on this fascinating Ford UK program. ¬†



Although it never quite took flight as intended, the Ford GT70 was for Ford UK a natural progression of the highly successful Ford GT program, but designed for international rally competition rather than endurance racing. The 70 in the name came from the year the project was launched, 1970, while the crisp styling was by Ercole Spada of Alfa Romeo and BMW fame. The mid-engine, rear-drive chassis was laid out by Ford GT engineer Len Bailey and housed several different engines, including the Ford Cologne 2.6-liter V6 and the Ford-based Cosworth BDA 1.6-liter four.

Ambitious¬†plans were laid out for the lightweight fiberglass GT, but the production run of 500 road versions never became a reality, and just five of the six planned prototypes were completed. Ford’s Escort sedan-based rally car was successful enough on its own that the exotic GT70 was never required. As for the rest of the story, we’ll let the principals involved tell it, including Bailey, Ford racing manager Stuart Turner, and ace Ford rally driver Roger Clark. Video follows.