Video: Testing the 1958 Edsel with Tom McCahill

Testing the 1958 EdselBuckle up. Today we’re testing the all-new 1958 Edsel with famed automotive writer Tom McCahill behind the wheel. It’s big fun, don’t miss it. 



This little Ford promotional film for the 1958 Edsel offers several great reasons to watch:


+   We’re treated to wonderful glimpses of Ford’s famed Dearborn Proving Grounds, originally Ford Airport (read the neat history of the facility here) with the Henry Ford Museum in the background.

+    There’s a solid sales pitch for the 1958 Edsel, one of the most fascinating flops in automotive history, including plenty of fancy maneuvers and on-track action.

+   Best of all, we get to see and hear Tom McCahill in the flesh. As automotive correspondent for Mechanix Illustrated, a leading workbench magazine of the day, Uncle Tom virtually invented the craft of auto road test reporting, and for decades he was the field’s leading light.  In this bit, his blustery persona and zany wordsmithing (“handles like a bowling ball in a laundry chute”) are in full display.

In other words, not to be missed. Please enjoy the video.


7 thoughts on “Video: Testing the 1958 Edsel with Tom McCahill

  1. I think when Tom said it corners like a bowling ball, he really meant it’s prone to rolling over. That car was nearly scraping the rocker panels on the skidpad. I’m sure that Edsel was no worse than others but auto racing must still have been a valuable tool in the late Fifties.

    • His remarks in the promo film are interesting — in his magazine road test, he says the car is not safe to own without the heavy duty suspension option. Guess it all depends who was signing the check.

  2. Good heavens, it’s hideous. Just kidding, I always liked the Edsel. Just a little too far out there for most. I liked “uncle Tom’s” in your face reporting. He told it like it was, he didn’t care. We need someone like that today, to inform new car buyers, who couldn’t tell you the front from the back, much less what was under the hood, and are only buying the car, because it has extra cupholders and power plug-ins. THX, MCG

  3. Getting sea sick from the lack of good shock absorbers was easy ! This Car was a POS right from the beginning ! Ford screwed up but tried to cover up their Boo Boo because it had their name on it !

  4. I know I would have bought one, just to watch the speedo. Also, because, as the ads point out, the buttons in the steering wheel hold the same position when the wheel is turned. Talk about close the door and the light stays on!

  5. I love this. Infact I was just driving on that track today (I work for Ford) and its nuts how much its changed

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