Video: Quarter-Scale Novi V8 by Ron Colonna–Hear it Sing!

Presenting another work of art by master model builder Ron Colonna: a quarter-scale model of the legendary Novi V8 with matching centrifugal supercharger. Hear it sing right here. 



We’ve featured the impressive craftsmanship of modelmaker Ron Colonna often here at Mac’s Motor City Garage. Check out our items on his quarter-scale flathead V8, his miniature Harley Panhead V-Twin, his 3.66 cubic-inch Offy, which he wrote a book about, and his 1:5 scale Gnome rotary aircraft engine. Now here’s an equally stunning work of art by Colonna: a one-quarter scale model of the legendary Novi V8 racing engine, including a beautifully crafted centrifugal blower.

The Novi V8, which ran at Indy from 1941 through 1966, is one of the great stories in American motorsports—for a concise history, see the Mac’s Motor City Garage feature here. Colonna’s quarter-scale version features a bore and stroke of .0.75 inches for a displacement of 2.651 cubic inches, or around 43 cubic centimeters. Two four-cylinder distributors supply the ignition, while the tiny blower was formed on a lathe with silver-soldered fins and vanes. Like all of Colanna’s creations, the little Novi is built like a fine timepiece and runs like one, too. Enjoy the video.


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