Video: Presenting the 1968 Pontiacs

1968 GTOPontiac was red hot in 1968 with a full slate of popular models, from Firebird to Catalina to GTO. Watch the division proudly tout its product line in this short (four minutes) promotional film. 



With sharp management by a series of savvy car guys—Bunkie Knudsen, Pete Estes, and John DeLorean—Pontiac was on a roll in the 1960s. Knudsen set the tone when he took over the struggling GM division back in 1956: youth, performance, style. “You can sell a young man’s car to an old man,” Knudsen famously said, “but you can’t sell an old man’s car to a young man.”

By 1968, Pontiac had securely nailed down the number three slot in the sales charts, trailing only Chevrolet and Ford. With red hot performance models like the GTO, Firebird, and Grand Prix, and popular family buses including the Catalina and Le Mans, the Pontiac brand nudged the million-unit mark that year. In this four-minute promotional clip, the ’68 model lineup is given a surprisingly low-key (for Pontiac) sales pitch—which just goes to show what confidence can do. Video below.


8 thoughts on “Video: Presenting the 1968 Pontiacs

  1. I knew six people who had 1968 or 1969 Pontiacs. Every single one was Verdoro Green, just like the Firebird in this video.

  2. As I remembered it the hood tach was introduced on the GTO Judge, but here it’s on the 68 Firebird. I learned something.

  3. Great video. I just watched the Pontiac Judge commercial with Paul Revere and the Raiders yesterday. I miss the days when cars were infused with personality. Of course it was all marketing but it sure was fun.

  4. Also noticed that these cars, despite being 1968 models, do not have headrests. I know they weren’t mandated until calendar ’68 but you’d figure they would promote it as one of their safety features.

  5. This is a dealer sales film, which explains it being a bit low-key. I particularly like this line: “New safety features that will be sales features when you sell them.” Clearly Poncho sales and marketing didn’t believe their buyers were buying safety yet.

    Anyone know where that bridge is located?

  6. I’ll take a Firebird in red please! I had the pleasure a few years back to be in on hot rodding one and restoring another. The hot rod was a 68 coupe, 400 cu in, we changed it from a automatic to a 4 speed with a factory Hurst shifter and console. Built the engine up pretty good, too. The restoration was a 68 convertible, 400 automatic, it had the hood tach. Great memories of both cars. Hard to find a coupe now, and convertibles are really rare anymore. Pesky metal termites sent a bunch of them to the scrappers.

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