Video: Presenting the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham

1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham LFOne of the most fabulous cars ever offered by General Motors, the 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham was loaded to capacity with extravagant luxury features. This fascinating period newsreel short details a few of them. 



Announced in December 1956 and officially unveiled in March 1957, the Cadillac Series 70 Eldorado Brougham was a flagship statement for GM and the Cadillac division. Along with its endless list of luxury features, the Brougham introduced a number of technical firsts for a GM vehicle, including quad headlamps, air-spring suspension, forged aluminum wheels, and a one-piece stainless steel top. Sticker price for the “Cadillac of Cadillacs,” as it was dubbed, was more than $13,000, twice the price of a standard Eldorado and more expensive than a new Rolls-Royce or Ferrari at the time. Still, it’s said that GM lost $10,000 on every Brougham built. Some 400 units were sold in ’57, an impressive number given the king’s ransom pricing strategy.

This period newsreel item from 1957 focuses on the Brougham’s lavish luxury and convenience appointments, with power-operated everything, including windows, door locks, deck lid and vent panes. There was even a ladies’ vanity set built into the rear seat armrest with a compact and a one-ounce atomizer bottle of French perfume—Arpege Extrait de Lanvin. The backdrop for our little film is Manhattan and Central Park, we believe (school us, New Yorkers). Video below.


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  1. About 20 years ago I stopped for gas in Downtown San Francisco. Also getting gas was a guy with 1957 Cadillac Brougham. He said he won $16,000 playing Keno in Reno in 1957 and walked across the street and bought the new Brougham.

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