Video: Marketing the 1967 Plymouth GTX

Plymouth’s deluxe entry in the ’60s muscle car wars, the Belvedere GTX offered style and comfort—and an optional 426 Hemi V8, too. Here’s the original 1967 marketing pitch. 



Before there was a Road Runnner, there was the Plymouth Belvedere GTX, the brand’s first official entry in the ’60s muscle car wars. Introduced as a 1967 model, the GTX was a fully equipped muscle car, boasting deluxe exterior trim and badges and an upmarket interior with bucket seats and a floor-shift console. The base price reflected the extensive list of standard features: $3,178, several hundred dollars more than the bare-bones Road Runner introduced for ’68. In more recent years, automotive writers have dubbed the GTX the “gentleman’s muscle car.”

Despite the posh equipment, the GTX was as potent as any in the muscle car class, with a standard 440 CID Magnum V8 with 375 hp and a choice of Torqueflite automatic and four-speed manual transmissions. Of course, optional at extra cost ($564) was the mighty 426 Street Hemi V8, laughably underrated at 425 horsepower.  At that moment, the Street Hemi was pretty much the king of the heap at the drag strips and drive-ins. However, in this original 1967 commercial spot, the GTX is presented not as a hairy drag strip monster but as a fun and sporty lifestyle facilitator. Enjoy the video.


2 thoughts on “Video: Marketing the 1967 Plymouth GTX

  1. Works for me, I could muster up $3000 dollars for one( almost $24,000 today, and probably several hundred thousand in today’s market),,,426 hemi, “the original shut down king”? I thought that was the Cobra. Ah, 1967, when the scariest amusement park ride was the “Tilt-A-Whirl” and the cars were monsters. Now, just the opposite.

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