Video: Inside the Ford GT program

With exclusive first-hand commentary, this classic video from Ford Racing tells the Ford GT story with a special focus on victory at LeMans.


This little 11-minute film from Ford Racing, produced in 2011, tells the story of the Ford GT program through the eyes of three people with unique vantage points.

+   Edsel Ford II, Ford Motor Company executive and the son of Henry Ford II—the man responsible for launching the Ford GT racing program and driving it to success at all costs.

+   Dan Gurney, co-driver with A.J. Foyt of the Ford GT Mk. IV that won the 24 Hours of LeMans in 1967.

+   Mose Nowland, the Ford engineer (just recently retired) who played a key role in the company’s racing engine developments for decades, including the GT program and its multiple LeMans victories.

These three men each supply a unique point of view in telling one of the great stories in American motorsports. Video below.


4 thoughts on “Video: Inside the Ford GT program

  1. A really interesting short film, thanks. One of my all-time favourite cars, a great team effort – my one disappointment is that I had the opportunity to go to Le Mans in 1966 and didn’t take it as I’d promised a friend that I’d be his Best Man. When he found out later he called me a fool for not going, and the marriage only lasted a couple of years…

  2. We can only imagine what it must have been like to be the son of Henry Ford II – to be within earshot of those conversations.

  3. It’s sad and ingracious to have left Carrol Shelby and Shelby America’s major contributions to the success of the GT Ford Lemans program and wins completely out of this “historic” video.

  4. The cars racing LeMans at that time were so utterly beautiful. Despite predating me slightly, they remain one of my favourite styles of all times.

    Nice to “see” you Tony – thought you’d been spirited away by little green men (or black helicopters).

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