Video: Engineering the 1957 Corvette SS

Here’s rare old film-to-video from 1957 showing the construction—step by step—of the Corvette SS prototype at the General Motors Technical Center in Warren, Michigan. 


This great old Chevrolet PR reel is only 12 minutes long, but it does a solid job of illustrating the design and build of the ’57 Corvette SS—referred to exclusively as “Super Sport” in the film. A few things to watch for in this fascinating short:

+   Detailed views of the intricate chrome-moly steel space frame

+   Extensive use of magnesium, for example the body panels, wheels, oil pan, and bell housing

+   Walk-on appearances by famed GM engineers including Zora Arkus-Duntov, Harry Barr, and Maurice “Rosey” Rosenberger

+   The huge and advanced (yet already obsolete) drum brakes with equally massive finned drums

+   The quick-change rear axle center section with inboard brakes and DeDion independent rear suspension

+   Glimpses of the then brand-new GM Tech Center

…and much more. In fact, you’ll probably want to keep your eyes peeled for the entire 12 minutes. This video is all killer, no filler—watch.


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  1. Thank’s Really enjoyed and will remember ,after owning a 1954 and a 1960 which , I wish I could track down after selling 50 years ago .Great video Thanks again CTW

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