Video: 1965 drag racing documentary — The Hot Rod Story

OngaisHere’s a great old film from Southern California exploring the wild world of drag racing in 1965. Don’t miss this one, hot rodders. 



Produced by the Petersen Publishing Co. and narrated by a very young Dick Enberg, this film features countless drag racing personalities of the 1960s: Connie Kalitta, Ed McCulloch, Tony Nancy, and many more. The stars and their magnificent cars were gathered for the 1965 edition of the Hot Rod Magazine Drags, held annually in those days at Riverside Raceway, the storied racing facility just east of Los Angeles.

You won’t find a better film about the world of drag racing circa 1965. Please enjoy.



11 thoughts on “Video: 1965 drag racing documentary — The Hot Rod Story

  1. Wow, 47 minutes, I’ll watch it later, I’m a busy man(not really) I remember watching drag racing as a kid on the “Wide World of Sports”, with Jim McKay and I thought Chris Economaki( although, I can find no evidence he actually covered those events) Trouble was, they were featured with several other sporting events, Rattlesnake hunting, or bowling, not like today, where they are 3 hour programs ( 1 hour of drag racing, 2 hours of commercials)

  2. This is outstanding, after the first 12 minutes it is FED heaven . Thanks MCG for posting.

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