Unhappy owner takes an axe to his BMW M6

We know, right? People used to do stuff like this to American cars. This disgruntled consumer drove his Beemer to the Frankfurt Motor Show and then pounded it to death with an axe. 


Our German isn’t very good but from what we can gather, it seems that Pourmohseni Hadi experienced repeated trouble with squeaks, rattles, and harsh shifting in his $160,000 2008 BMW M6. Obtaining no satisfaction from the dealer, the manufacturer, or the Italian government back home, he drove the alleged lemon to the Frankfurt Motor Show and parked it out front for the assembled press. There, he and a sledgehammer-wielding associate bashed the Beemer to bits. So there. That will teach it a lesson.

Note that after the beating, Hadi appeared happy, calm, and relaxed. Visibly less gruntled then when he began. The exercise had a therapeutic effect, it would seem. Here then, this video is offered as a public service—a healthy release. The next time you’re tempted to commit a felony assault on your uncooperative motor vehicle, simply watch this video and see if you don’t feel better.


7 thoughts on “Unhappy owner takes an axe to his BMW M6

  1. I could do with some de-stressing, so if anyone has an expensive vehicle that they would like to be publicly trashed, call me on +44 77** ******

  2. “Squeaks, rattles, and harsh shifting…”, leads one to demolish a car? He should be forced to drive MY car for a week! Wait, maybe not, I NEED that car…

  3. Squeaks, rattles harsh shifting pretty much describes every Pontiac ever built… but we called that “Excitement”

  4. I thought it was a half-assed and unenthusiastic protest. No hits to the roof, hood, trunk, or left side of the car. We have a limited time here on Earth to destroy our car before the polizei arrive and make us atone for our sins, let’s put some muscle into it!

    Hand me one of them Bugatti Veyrons…I’ll show you how a real man wields an axe.

    • You are totally right. A guy killing his Vega would really put his heart in it — there would be nothing left. This was more like acting out, a cry for attention from Father BMW.

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