The 1957 Chevrolet Stock Car Competition Guide

For the readers of Mac’s Motor City Garage: A digital reprint of the rare factory racing booklet, the 1957 Chevrolet Stock Car Competition Guide


In April of 1957, Chevrolet distributed a 24-page book called the 1957 Chevrolet Stock Car Competition Guide to to 411 of its new car dealerships around the country. Written with the assistance of SEDCO (Southern Engineering and Development Company), Chevy’s factory NASCAR race shop in Atlanta, the book described, in satisfying detail, how to convert a 1957 Chevy production car into a successful stock car racer.

As such, the book is essentially an assembly manual for the famed ’57 Chevy Black Widow NASCAR racer, as driven by Buck Baker (above) and others. It’s all here: heavy-duty part numbers, safety equipment installation, chassis and engine modifications. The material is fascinating, showing just how it was done in 1957, from roll bar construction to fuel injection tuning. Want to see the method used to bolt the doors shut? See page 16. Lower control arm reinforcement? Page 13. This is great stuff.


There’s a rather famous camshaft part number. You can see how a book like this could become a cult classic. An indispensable resource for auto historians, vintage racers, and model builders, it’s been reprinted periodically and floats around the World Wide Web now and then. Now we’re making it available to you. Thank you for reading Mac’s Motor City Garage.


Each image in the gallery below is a booklet page. Click once to open; click again to enlarge; right click to save or print.  

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    • Good observation. It’s just written in a friendly manner that I’d guess almost anyone in that day could understand.

  1. Also of note is the cover letter signed by Bob Lund who among many other accomplishments was General Manager of both Cadillac and Chevrolet Divisions before retiring and becoming a dealer in Phoenix. He died in 2007.

  2. I have the original copy we used to build our 57 FI chevy we ran at the 57 Daytona beach race driven by Ed Fiola

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