Sergio Pininfarina 1926-2012

Sergio Pininfarina, one of the giants of the automotive design world and the man who, more than anyone, established the look and style of Ferrari’s road cars, passed away Tuesday after an extended illness. He was 85.


Pininfarina was the son of Battista “Pinin” Farina, founder of the Italian coachbuilding and design house Carozzeria Pininfarina. In 1961 father and son legally changed their name to Pininfarina. Upon father Battista’s death in 1966, son Sergio Pininfarina became chairman of the company.

While the family carozzeria has worked with automakers around the world, from Peugeot to Cadillac, Sergio Pininfarina is most closely identified with Ferrari, serving as the company’s de facto chief stylist. Celebrated designs include the 246 Dino, a startling departure and a trendsetter for Ferrari when it was introduced, and the Testarossa.

In more recent years Pininfarina has battled to maintain its  Italian ownership and identity while carving out a secure future in the global auto industry.  This spring the company announced it was set to earn its first annual profit since 2004.