Saturday Morning CarTune: ’57 Chevrolet

Billie-Jo-Spears ChevyThe great Billie Jo Spears tells us why we love old cars so much in a special live performance of her classic country hit, “’57 Chevrolet.” 



A beloved country singer with a strong, distinctive voice and a steady radio presence all through the 1970s and 1980s, Billie Jo Spears (1937-2011) scored a big national hit in 1978 with “’57 Chevrolet.” The song, written by noted Nashville tunesmith Roger Bowling, pretty much nails what it is that makes people love old cars: They’re time machines. They have the power to return and reconnect us to special moments, places, and people in our lives.

In fact, the song expresses so perfectly such an essential element of the old car experience, we can’t really explain now how we failed to include it back when Saturday Morning CarTune was a regular weekly feature. But we can remedy that mistake now. In this special performance, from Irish television and apparently recorded not long before she succumbed to cancer in 2011, Billie Jo looks physically frail, but her voice is strong and clear. Please enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Saturday Morning CarTune: ’57 Chevrolet

  1. Great song from a time when country music was still country, not pop like it is today. That was painful to watch her at that age, even though the voice was the same. Didn’t realize she had passed away since I quit listening to country back in the 80’s when it started going pop.

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